Mobile game for Android and iOS. Control rocket, build forcefield and protect the Earth from meteorites
Technologies: Unity



Case opening simulator for Android, iOS and WindowsPhone with many extras - Jackpot, achievements, price checking. Based on weapon skins from CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Over 4 million downloads.
Technologies: Unity, Objective C, PHP


Robotica Ball

Logic game for Android based on laws of the physics. Help robo-ball proceed through lasers, spikes, pitfalls and mysterious machinery. Move walls and other interactive machines to deliver robot to docking station. 30 levels with many logic puzzles.
Technologies: Unity


Watch Toolbox

This simple application is a set of various useful tools available for SamsungGalaxyGear - a smartwatch developed by Samsung. Currently it contains screen flashlight, calculator, device informator where you can find technical specs, dice that you can roll and compass.
Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript


Physical throws simulator

A website made for a school project. You can simulate, see graphs and get data about every diagonal and horizontal throw.
Technologies: HTML, JavaScript

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I can also mention some projects that are under development or haven't been released like CityClicker mobile game, mobile application for NOAH conference, SocialConnector webpage, Spotify API analyzer and many more.